Ubuntu 23.10 アップグレード

/etc/update-manager/release-upgrades の最後の行を Prompt=normal にします。

sudo vim /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades
# Default behavior for the release upgrader.

# Default prompting and upgrade behavior, valid options:
#  never  - Never check for, or allow upgrading to, a new release.
#  normal - Check to see if a new release is available.  If more than one new
#           release is found, the release upgrader will attempt to upgrade to
#           the supported release that immediately succeeds the
#           currently-running release.
#  lts    - Check to see if a new LTS release is available.  The upgrader
#           will attempt to upgrade to the first LTS release available after
#           the currently-running one.  Note that if this option is used and
#           the currently-running release is not itself an LTS release the
#           upgrader will assume prompt was meant to be normal.
Code language: plaintext (plaintext)


sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo rebootCode language: Bash (bash)

2023.10 へアップグレードします

sudo do-release-upgradeCode language: Bash (bash)

途中、何回か y を押します。